How can I watch videos here? 
Click on one of the links that say Stream to be taken to a page where the movie is hosted. Once on the page, press play. We do not host movies, we simply automatically index links to movies on the web.

Video doesn't work! 
You shouldn't have such a problem with most up-to-date browsers. If you're having problems, try using newest chrome, mozilla, safari or opera browsers. If you still have any problems, contact us.

I got that, but its still not working! 
If you got both players and the video still isn't playing for you, or you get some sort of an error, you should try another version of that movie by clicking another link. You are encouraged to report broken links, by clicking the appropriate link next to each version. 

Video stops often, constantly lags. What do I do/
Most of these videos are hosted on servers in other countries, which are located on crappy connections, so they will lag for people in certain countries. We suggest you let the movie load, press pause, and let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, and then you can start watching it without any interruptions.

Anything else?
Just contact us at any time for whatever reason via our contact page.